We helped a healthcare client grow their brand visibility and improve their reputation, globally. We came in and started with a communications and reputation audit. This allowed us to get up to speed on how the client communicated, any tools and opportunities they had in place. Most importantly, it allowed us to get up to speed on any issues they may be facing.

One of the first challenges we faced was developing and implementing a marketing and communications plan for the client’s first global event. Despite being almost 6 years old, the client never created a communications plan or documented efforts. Their one annual event featured well-known speakers yet they routinely failed to capitalize on it.  Also, like most healthcare companies, the subject matter was also very technical.

We were hired to:

  • Enable ticket sales for the first global event
  • Develop/implement a communications strategy that would raise brand visibility in target countries

To get started, we worked with internal team members to analyze the company’s goals and previous efforts. Based on the analysis, we designed and implemented a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy that effectively addressed the company’s goals for the event and thereafter.

As a result, we doubled media coverage and help the event sell out. We had global media coverage from well-known publications including the Press Association, BBC World News, The Daily Mail and more. In addition to this, we grew brand visibility by developing content for social media, trade media, and for the first time led the client’s efforts to be featured in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Following the success of the event, we worked with the client to continue the success.