Marketing & Communications

Marketing & Communications

We led¬†marketing for an $81 million division of an original equipment manufacturer, which included eight premium brands in the broadcast, film and live event industry. We joined the division during a downtrend. The marketing division had gone through a series of leadership changes and had made product and marketing missteps.¬† As a result, the company’s once premium brands had a decrease in sales, content and media coverage.

We conducted a thorough analysis of the brands. Based on this analysis, we created and implemented a marketing and communications strategy. Part of this strategy included:

  • getting closer to the audience and understanding their wants, needs and the sites they visited
  • develop brand ambassadors
  • standardize product launches and trade show strategy
  • leverage earned media to raise brand awareness
  • leverage social media
  • supplement earned and owned media efforts with strategically placed paid media
  • eliminate unnecessary extraneous costs, including external PR agencies

We collaborated with each brand’s product manager and graphic designer’s to help implement this strategy.

As a result, we were able to:

  • helped grow sales by 19% in the first year
  • increase global media coverage by 400%
  • implement a new social media platform, Instagram, and grow audiences by 28x in just 6 months
  • generate 1000 pieces of user-generated content
  • conduct sales programs through channel partners and group sales
  • earn 11 industry awards